Young Carers Support

One-on-One Support for Young Carers

It can be tough growing up around mental illness. Maybe it’s mom or dad, a brother or sister. Maybe it’s a classmate or even your best friend. It can be really hard to understand what that person is going through, and even harder to know how to help. We offer one-on-one, confidential support to youth aged 12 to 25 years old.

Telephone Support for Young Carers

Sometimes all you need is a phone call – a friendly voice to listen. Someone who knows what you’re going through. We can help get you started on the road to understanding what your family member or friend is going through. We’re here for you when you’re ready to talk.

Family Support Workers for young carers:

Kalyn Morrison, Family Support Worker

eMail Kalyn Morrison

Nicole Levy, FAMEkids & Youth Support Worker
416-207-5032 ext. 26

eMail Nicole Levy

Karen Naismith, FAMEkids Coordinator and Youth Support Worker
416-207-5032 ext. 26

eMail Karen Naismith

Young Carers Support Group

FAME welcomes young people 18-25 years of age who support a friend, partner or family member with a mental health concern. We welcome and encourage all young people to come learn and share in an empowering, peer supportive environment. Explore the areas of advocacy, self-care and wellness in a safe and open environment.

Note: This group is not currently being offered; we are working on starting it up again.  In the interim, FAME still offers one-on-one support for young carers as well as telephone support. For more information, contact the Family Support Workers listed above.

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