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FAME values responsible journalism, story-sharing, and information-sharing. We encourage writers to be respectful and mindful in their choice of language. We discourage any journalism that perpetuates stigma or defines an individual by their illness. We believe in putting the people, and the families, first. The ideas and testimonials below can be used to inspire and support thoughtful journalism and storytelling.

  1. It can be tough growing up around mental illness. FAMEkids is a very unique and special program for children that builds upon the child’s existing knowledge and resiliency skills. One of the goals of FAMEkids is to help children recognize that they are not responsible for their family member’s illness. In a world where children feel powerless at times, at FAME they learn that they can have the power to be happy and healthy, and to not feel ashamed of their family’s struggles with mental illness.
  2. Who helps the caregiver? With so much attention on the statistic of 1 in 5 Canadians experiencing mental health issues we respectfully ask, “Who helps the other 4 people in that group?” This is FAME’s reason for being. FAME is deeply committed to ensuring all families and caregivers can live with hope and intention, sustained by the knowledge that they are not alone.
  3. Navigating the mental health system can feel like a maze. Parents and family members are often faced with incredible challenges in trying to advocate for their loved one who is ill. Privacy laws leave them feeling powerless. FAME Family Support Workers can listen to the family member and offer practical advice on how to best handle these communications issues. FAME also actively advocates for the family voice to be heard by doing outreach in the community.


FAMEkids Program

“Our daughter loved attending the FAMEkids group! Although shy at first, she made some great friendships that carried over even after the group was completed. Peer supports seems to be a great outlet for her, and we think that knowing she isn’t the only child in her situation makes it easier to talk to others about her life.”

FAMEkids Parent

Recovery Journey

“FAME has been an anchor on which we have based our recovery as individuals and as a family.”

Family Member

“Our goal is to support families in learning self-care, navigating the system and to provide the comfort of knowing they are not alone. When I see the journey that these families take, I realize how strong we really are.”

Stephanie Kerr, Family Outreach Worker, FAME Mississauga

Supportive Counselling

“I know that there are several steps we must take to deal with our son and his illness. FAME helps us to know which step to take next.”

Family Member

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