Mental Health Week 2016

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By: Stephanie

It’s Mental Health Week , and let’s start off by taking a look around and noticing every person in your life who has been affected by mental illness.  I’m guessing that each and every person you know has been touched by mental health in one way or another.  Let’s be inclusive; let’s advocate; let’s support and let’s learn.  Let us change the way mental health is seen in Canada.

Today Justin Trudeau released a statement for Mental Health Week, and it can be read in its entirety here.

“We all have a responsibility to raise our awareness about mental health. We must actively encourage honest and open conversations – in our homes, our workplaces, and our communities – about what mental health is and what we can do to increase our collective well-being. We must listen to our loved-ones, our colleagues, our friends, look out for signs and offer them support and advice in times of need. It can be a challenge for all of us to cope with the fast pace of life, daily stresses, and obligations. We all need to stand strong together.”
–Justin Trudeau

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