About Us

About Us

As of April 1, 2019, FAME has integrated with Reconnect Community Health Services. Reconnect is a not-for-profit health service organization in the west end of Toronto providing supports for seniors, caregivers, and people living with mental health and addictions concerns. 

Since 1989, the Family Association for Mental Health Everywhere (FAME) has been empowering families and caregivers who have a loved one with a mental health concern by providing support, education, coping skills and self-care strategies.

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When a family caregiver is well-supported, they are strengthened and become better equipped to support their family member who is ill and to cope with the highs and the lows of the recovery journey.  At FAME, we offer the following services:



Family caregivers and friends may have a difficulty coping with a family member who has a mental health concern. Sometimes, it can be challenging to know how best to help a loved one.   At FAME, we believe in equipping families

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  • Family Resources
  • Get Involved

Family Guide to Mental Health RecoveryFamily Guide to Mental Health Recovery

FAME is a proud partner of The Family Guide to Mental Health Recovery project, a support resource for families facing a mental health challenge. The Family Guide provides hope, insight and guidance to families through peer-to-peer interviews: Family Guide to Mental Health.

The online documentary project gathers over 15 hours of family member interviews representing over 40 families that have come forward to share their experiences on video and in text resources.


FAME Tag CloudHelping Families Get to the Heart of the Matter

At FAME, we support the other four – the family members and caregivers who are impacted by mental illness.

You can help families get to the heart of the matter by donating to FAME.

Just $25 a month will make a difference to our families. Your support can help with:

• One-on-one family support;

• Public education and awareness for family members and caregivers;

• Support for children and adolescents whose families are impacted by a mental health concern.

Together, we can foster hope, strength, and resilience in families. Please donate today and give from the bottom of your heart.

Our goal is to support families in learning self-care, navigating the system and to provide the comfort of knowing they are not alone. When I see the journey that these families take, I realize how strong we really are.

Stephanie Kerr Stephanie Kerr

Family Outreach Worker

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